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Mima Market promotes conscious vendors making food, drink, and artisan goods in + around Miami. Mima motivates responsive customers to support when they believe in the value of your product and service. 

To participate, Mima will work along with your account where we’ll purchase or consign your orders, to be fulfilled based on agreed-upon terms (i.e. minimum, delivery day). Before starting, let us know the goals, vision, and terms for your business.

Mima works alongside suppliers who promote our space as their space and have the willingness to participate openly in the process of supporting local. You become a vendor of Mima when we believe in the quality of our collaboration. We thrive when we can connect you not only with consumers, but also with fellow vendors and the creative community at large.

While working together Mima Market will evaluate the account and commissions to know if we can embark on events, classes, or other experiences that are both educational and mutually beneficial. Mima will facilitate promotional events and/or materials that establish your product with our customer base.

While we do not work with binding contracts, we do require transparency, exclusivity for products we carry, active promotion, and constructive feedback.


If you agree to the above, please provide the following information about your business. We look forward to working with you.

With gratitude,


Alexandra + Raul

Mima Market

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