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Hey, welcome!

Mima Market promotes and sells products and services by conscious creatives making food, drink, and artisan goods in + around Miami. We thrive when we connect you with conscious consumers as well as with fellow vendors and the creative community at large. That is why we only represent brands and sell products that we trust, and promise to do so with the highest integrity possible.
While we do not work with binding contracts and prefer to support your expansion over exclusivity deals, we do require consistency, communication, and commitment.

You are a vendor with us when you consider Mima Market as your shop in Miami Shores and when you believe in and respect the value of our collaboration.

While working together, Mima Market will work with you to increase the sales of your product by creating promotions, events, and/or other experiences that are both educational and mutually beneficial. Our ultimate goal is increased creativity, sustainability, and wellness for all.
If you agree to the above, please provide the following information about your business. Let us know your goal for your business.
With gratitude, 

Alexandra and Raul 

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Thank you for your request. We will get back to you as soon is possible.

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