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    • Annam Miami

      ANITA SHARMA + MATHEW WEBB We heard about Annam Miami's tiffins, authentic South Indian meals delivered weekly, from our customers over the first few months of opening Mima Market. Anita Sharma, just one town over in El Portal, caught wind about us too, which is why when she came to visit with her twin daughters, we immediately connected about how we could support each other. Anita and Mathew are passionate about the food they make, not only because of how truly unique the flavors are on the Miami food scene, but also because of all it represents: maintaining family culinary traditions alive while forging new avenues for connecting with creatives in Miami. A documentarian and architect respectively, Anita and Mathew produce fantastic Annam Miami pop up dinners with cultural institutions such as O! Miami, creating curious zines that investigate the menu's theme. Friends insisted they start selling their amazing food. ANNAM MIAMI Annam Miami's meals fuse traditional Indian and locally-grown ingredients into lunches and dinners that are nutritious and lavishly spiced. They consist of kormas, sambhars, curries, chanas, paneer that often vary depending on what's in season. Annam Miami also jars their popular condiments like Garlic Avakaya, a relish that gives brings the flavors of garlic, coriander, and chiles to any dish, and Nuvulu Podi, a savory umami sesame powder that makes everything yummy. IN THEIR HOME KITCHEN Anita incorporates coconut milk, home-grown curry leaves, mustard seeds, and their signature Garlic Avakaya condiment into dinner-- zucchini pulusu-- while Matt tells Raul how Annam began. Anita and Mathew now participate in StartUp FIU's program, packaging their condiments in the commercial kitchen amongst other Miami food startups.

    • Ana Cacao

      ANA MARÍA VILLEGAS Ana María walked into Mima Market one afternoon with gleaming, golden-wrapped chocolate bars and a modest description of these and other raw, organic cacao products she creates. Her enthusiastic mother-in-law, on the other hand, insisted that we take a bite right away-- so we did, gladly, into a piece of decadent dark chocolate with figs and almonds. Ana Cacao91Ana María's interest in chocolate developed after years as a restauranteur in Santa Marta, Colombia, where she sourced local ingredients to transform traditional recipes into a modern dish. It's with the same passion and care that she, now, creates chocolates in small batches that have a balanced sweetness and creaminess. ANA CACAO From the smooth superfood, Peruvian cacao, Ana makes raw chocolate bars, truffles, tarts-- even granola and dipped seasonal fruits. You can find the bars and truffle boxes at the counter at Mima, and order these rich tarts for special events. PREPARING FOR THE PARTY Below, Ana María tops her raw cacao hazelnut tart with hazelnut caramel and dark chocolate shards. The process is lengthy-- besides making her chocolate from scratch from raw cacao, each nut and fruit is dehydrated to maintain its nutrients. She blends nuts into nut m*lk for creamy fillings and caramels, chops them up for chocolate bars, truffles, and granolas, and processes into even smaller morsels for nutty crusts that make the base of her tarts.

    • Fufi Empanadas

      MARíA FLORENCIA "FUFI" ANAYA The waiter had told us she wasn't in, but Fufi appeared, smiling, and pulled up a chair to hear all about our not-yet-open, local goods shop in her old neighborhood of Miami Shores. We had just tried the empanadas-- steak and mushroom/caramelized onion-- at her place in the Design District. The cozy yet refined vibe of the little restaurant matched the elegance of her empanadas: thin and not-at-all greasy, baked crusts filled with a variety of fresh ingredients. She was encouraging and suggested several local vendors to reach out to, including Mimmo's. Florencia's passion for empanadas was born from her Argentinian upbringing, but it truly developed in Miami when she began experimenting with her own recipes. A manager of private events, Florencia would bring her homemade empanadas in for lunch and, soon, for her colleagues' many requests as well. She decided to trade the corporate world in for one of farmer's markets, opened and closed her own restaurant, and now dedicates her production to eateries around the city. FUFI EMPANADAS They're the kind of empanadas that convert non-empanada eaters. The pastry dough is tender, yet it holds a substantial amount of filling, whether it's a saucy, ground beef, cheesy spinach (her two most popular), or something less traditional like vegan eggplant curry or bacon, brie, and dates. Often served baked, they can also be grilled or fried. IN THE KITCHEN Below, Florencia finishes cooking for about 50 beef empanadas. It's one of her favorite flavors. She prefers to spend long stretches at the kitchen. Having prepped the day before, Fufi makes fillings for 4 types of empanadas: beef, breakfast, garden vegetable, and caprese. Her helper, Hilda, presses spinach and mozzarella empanadas in the meanwhile.

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