Great Circle Coffee focuses on finding and carefully roasting specialty coffees from around the world.



Carefully crafted South and Central American coffees provide a rich, dark chocolate cup with hints of citrus.


GC Heart Espresso Blend

Great Circle's organic espresso blend. Rich, silky bodied, deep chocolate and toasted caramel notes with a hint of spice. Crafted to pair fantastically with milk.


El Injerto

El Injerto is committed to employee development and works hard to positively impact and improve living conditions in the community in which it operates.

This is a 100% Red Catuai (or sometimes referred to as Red Cat) lot. The cup exhibits lots of natural sweetness and is very buttery, with notes of plum, cherry, pralines, milk chocolate and a refined citrus acidity. A coffee lover's dream.


Great Circle Coffee

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  • Organic Certified, Fair Trade.

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