• Blake Patterson is a precise, meticulous, patient and "a little bit nuts", "segmented wood-turning" artisan, Blake is a former engineer making unique bowls in Boca Raton, FL and Tinton Falls, NJ.

    Blake's Bowls 2017

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    • Use your bowls for bread, uncut fruit, nuts, wrapped candy, etc. Place a glass or other waterproof bowls inside your Blake's Bowl to hold moist, foods or flowers.
      Clean with a dry or damp soft cloth.
      Avoid extremes of temperature and humidity; these stress wood and can lead to cracks.
      Avoid lengthy exposure to sunlight, which hastens the darkening of wood. 
      Solid wood segments that form your bowl are joined with Titebond III glue, which is waterproof, approved for indirect food contact.

    • Natural beauty of unstained wood, perfect roundness, awesome joinery, curvaceous profile, color, patterns, and symmetries. Grain variety (fine/coarse, exaggerated/subtle) Chatoyancy - wood brightness depends on viewing angle, beauty marks (knots, swirls, sapwood-to-heartwood transitions, etc.)