• Rebirth Elixir recrated these drinks as they were made in the ancient mountain cities of Incan Peru, the Maurya empire of 2nd century B.C. India, the royal palaces of the Ayutthaya Kingdom of ancient Thailand, the inner chambers of Cleopatra's Egypt, and the vast and florid civilizations of West Africa.


    Egyptian Rose Water 

    Queen Cleopatra of ancient Egypt consumed an elixir of rose water and 'liquid gold' to hydrate her skin from the inside out. 


    Inca Purple Corn Cider

    An ancient heirloom Incan health drink made of organic purple corn that is only found in the Andes mountains of Peru.
    Heirloom purple corn contains the highest amount of anthocyanin and resveratrol of any crop on Earth (comparable to 10 glasses of red wine or 6 cups of pomegranate juice). this powerful tonic is known to lower cholesterol, regulate blood sugar and reduce blood pressure, making a great post-workout recovery just like Incan warriors would consume after battle.


    Baobab Hibiscus

    Hibiscus flowers are native to West Africa, where they are still used today to make Bissap. in the 1700's Africans cultivated the plant in Jamaica, where it is known as Sorrel and in Latin America, where it is known as Flor de Jamaica.

    Towering high in the African desert is the Baobab tree - one of the largest and oldest trees in the world. baobab fruit is a natural adaptogen, filled with vitamins, minerals and electrolytes. baobab is also a powerful prebiotic, providing fuel for healthy gut flora.


    Butterfly Pea Tea

    Native to ancient Siam, butterfly pea flowers are known for their brilliant blue hue and are an antioxidant powerhouse.


    Moringa Tonic

    In 150 b.c. warriors of the ancient Maurya empire of India would consume moringa leaf before battle. moringa is a powerful probiotic that boosts immunity, metabolism, digestion and energy.
    moringa contains a plethora of amino acids, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds, including protein and fiber.

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