Meet The Makers


Corina Jimenez didn't mean to make ice cream. She just wanted to enjoy something sweet and creamy without the ingredients she was told to avoid by her doctor: milk and sugar. She started by making chocolates, eventually opening a large production facility in Venezuela. But as the political situation shifted, Corina sought a new home in Doral-- as well as a new passion: making dairy-free ice cream with no sugar added. She partnered with a chemist, testing recipes until they came up with a fluffy and smooth consistency with fresh flavor. Soon after production began, Hurricane Irma swept through South Florida and wiped out her stock. Yet again, Corina persisted, and continues to make her delicious dessert for Miami.


Vegallia is made with a coconut base, and sweetened only with monk fruit. That means some of the flavors, like dark chocolate, contain just 1 gram of sugar per serving. The most popular flavor? Coconut!


Tada! Luscious tangerine and coconut fluff spills out of the ice cream machine. Before this, Corina had mixed all the ingredients including the freshly-squeezed fruit. She points out the pulp here, which gives the dessert an extra-juicy texture.