Meet The Makers


Diana and Sam met while farming separate plots of the same land on the North end of Miami. Both South Florida natives, they took different roads towards food cultivation. Diana studied Global Agriculture as an undergrad, which led her to an interest in local food systems and a master's degree in Sustainable Development. Diana got hands-on in 2017 thanks to Little River Cooperative's incubator program, and launched her own food growing operation, Magic City Gardens, in 2018. Sam got into natural farming around 2011. Motivated by a desire to preserve the nourishing traditions of our ancestors, Sam believes that a connection to the land is critical for our psychological well-being and spiritual survival. He worked as a farm hand at a variety of farms and designed gardens for schools and private homes, becoming an expert in food forests and founding Farm The Yard FL in 2014. In 2020, Diana and Sam joined forces, and their plots, and launched the National Young Farmers Coalition's South Florida Chapter alongside Aloha Redland in order to facilitate a local, sustainable resilient, and biodiverse farming culture.


Semillas Coop is known for their beautiful organic produce, from peppers, onions, arugula and kale to rarer vegetables like kailaan. They offer their vegetables seasonally in two CSA options: Farmer's Pick (6-8 seasonal vegetables per week) or Micro Share (two greens and an herb). They also sell seedlings in grow bags, as seen below, and offer gardening services for those who want to cultivate their own food at home.


Diana and Sam select a few "plugs", or small plant seedlings, to create a grow bag for Mima Market. They start the seeds at their nursery until they're ready to be transferred into the earth at the farm.