Meet The Makers


Pamela Wasabi was the first maker to be specifically requested by a customer at the store. It was by an artist named PJ, who wasn't the last person to tell us how her gluten free and vegan baked goods were some of the most delicious in Miami. We were intrigued by her use of ingredients like lavender flowers and charcoal salt. Pamela is passionate about using these high quality, plant-based ingredients to foment a conscious relationship with food that is nourishing to both body and soul. She encourages others to live in harmony with nature through her desserts, gives talks on topics such as women's empowerment, and authors books like , "Nourished: The Plant-based Path to Health & Happiness". Her motto? Eat More Beauty.


Pamela Wasabi's bakery was founded in 2016 and specializes in artisanal baked goods, from cookies and bars to cheesecakes and pies. At Mima Market, you'll usually find cookies like Lavender Heaven right on our counter-- but we also take special orders for your next gathering.


At her commercial kitchen in Hialeah, Pamela whips up a batch of the ever-popular Celestial Chunk Cookie. Every step on the process is mastered with her dedication.