Meet The Makers

David Carvalho of Miami Blue


David Carvalho pulled his bicycle up to Mima one day, a week or two after we first met, to drop off a present. It was a seafoam-blue glass sculpture, ragged semi-transparent pieces jutting out diagonally from a straight base, reminiscent of icebergs tips. This is how David is-- he finds existing materials, contorts them to reflect what's on his mind, and then shares the art almost exclusively with fellow artists and creatives who will appreciate it. Though primarily a sculptor, David also uses the mediums of photography, painting, and written word to manifest his particular vision.


Miami Blue is more of a persona than a brand: it's David's artist self, somewhere between bluesy and bright. His suncatchers are his most popular creations, bought as gifts for friends and, more often perhaps, as gifts for oneself to brighten up the window. Most Miami Blue suncatchers are unique abstracts, an arrangement of geometric glass in jewel tones, primary colors, or "Mima" colors (yellow, blue, and pink). Though all one-of-a-kind, David often comes back to the angel and butterfly shapes: one otherworldly, the other an extremely endangered local species, both mythically elusive.


David solders a ring, the last piece needed to hang a Miami Blue sun catcher, with the sound of Eric Clapton and wind chimes that he made in the background.