We met Bryan as a customer in the early days of Mima, sometimes sharing a coffee or cookie on a weekday morning. At the time he was an accountant, but that didn't slow his fascination with bread, baking nutty, dark sourdough loaves and flaky croissants in his spare time. Born in the Bronx and raised in New Orleans, Bryan approaches baking with a laid-back playfulness, yet analyzes and tweaks recipes until the texture and flavor are just right. And he loves sharing the process with others-- which is what launched @artisanbryan, and his naturally leavened pan de coco in particular-- to social media fame and a 2019 Saveur Blog Award. The recipe transforms pan de coco, traditionally savory in his Honduran upbringing, into a fluffy and sweet, pull-apart loaf. Bryan now leads workshops, consults for bakeries in places like Panama, and develops recipes, most recently for his book, New World Sourdough.


Artisan Bryan's bread is available as a monthly subscription at Mima Market. Choose from a weekly loaf of challah bread, sourdough country loaves, or pan de coco-- or get the deluxe, which also comes with a surprise set of artisanal pastries.

10% of each month's bread sales goes to an organization of Bryan's choice, such as Dine for Democracy, that works to help combat systemic racism.


Bryan loads his Rofco oven with soon-to-be sourdough country loaves. He's using organic, regionally milled flour.


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