Meet The Makers


When we took a seat at Mimmo's Mozzarella, we were greeted with a cheese platter of burrata, aged provolones, fresh cheese drizzled with honey, and a sincere smile. Bruno's easygoing attitude matched the soft reggae pulsing in the background, and it's hard to imagine that earlier in the day, he and his team had made hundreds of balls of fresh mozzarella and other cheeses. Raised in restaurants and bakeries between Buenos Aires and Montevideo, Bruno learned cheesemaking at a South Beach pizzeria with an Italian man named Mimmo. His obsession grew, and led him to open his factory and shop, where he produces and serves a plethora of cheeses.


It all starts with the curd, shipped weekly from Rhode Island, and stirred into piping-hot water with sea salt. It's then formed into balls of fresh mozzarella and stuffed with stracciatella to make burrata, for example, or braided into olives and prosciutto to be smoked and aged till its a provolone treccione. This variety of cheeses ultimately makes its way into sandwiches, onto platters, and atop fine dishes throughout the city. Cheese aging, tasting, and making.