Mima Market


Alexandra Cava Palomino and Raul Parra Orizondo are a husband-and-wife team that founded Mima Market to connect the community with quality products made with care by passionate, local makers. Alexandra is a visual artist who loves discovering artisans' processes and values. Her editorial background and passion for photography, illustrations, and social media facilitate her ability to share the stories of these makers. Raul is an educator with a background in IT who loves to connect people to solutions through learning experiences. These skills and passions combined make Mima Market a hub that supports local artisans and brings education to the surrounding community. Alex and Raul met in Havana in 2011.

Mima Market

Mima Market is a community shop representing locally-made food and drink to go, as well as unique artisan goods in downtown Miami Shores. Our mission is to offer a vibrant space for healthy goods, beautiful art, and great conversation. We share what we learn with our community through conversation, workshops, and hands-on classes.


We are investing time, money and resources in sustainable projects that promote education in our communities. We constantly educate ourselves about healthy lifestyles, which oftentimes means going back to our traditional, artisanal roots. We are carrying values so we aim to serve our vendors and customers.

Thank you for any support. Want to know more? Ask us!