About Mima

Mima Market

What is Mima Market?

Mima Market is a vibrant shop in downtown Miami Shores offering food, drink, and artisan goods made in + around Miami. Founded in 2018 by artist Alexandra Cava Palomino, and educator Raul Parra Orizondo, Mima’s mission is to celebrate and support local makers, chefs, artists, and farmers who create in consideration of conscious consumers and the planet.


The more we localize, the more creativity, less waste, and more meaningful connections we nurture in our community. Mima is not only Miami’s original all-local shop, it is a community space, and you are welcome to become a part of it to taste, learn about, and experience what Miami is making right now. Our vision is to continue to empower independent makers by linking them to sustainable resources and finding innovative solutions for collective growth.

Frequently asked questions

What makes customers of Mima Market special?

Customers of Mima support over a hundred chefs, artists, and farmers from in + around Miami. Product Catalog

Who are the suppliers at Mima Market?

Vendors at Mima create in consideration of consumers and the planet. Meet the Makers

How to contact us?

If you have any questions, requests or want to share your ideas about collaborations, use our form to contact us today.